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Docked boats-Original


MacIsaac gained recognition for his depictions of the beautiful boats and maritime activities of Michigan. He was also a renowned graphic designer and one can still view his work embodied in the seal of the City of Novi Michigan.

Robert MacIsaac (Estate)
Docked boats-Original
24.5 x 30 in
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Robert MacIsaac (1925-2000), Docked Boats, maritime watercolor, 20th century realist. This painting was purchased directly from MacIsaac in Grosse Pointe, MI in 1985. This is a highly detailed and exquisite representation of MacIsaac’s best work. This 29.75” x 23.75” is full of subtle tonal changes and color harmony. It gives the viewer the sense of remembering being there. It is painted with masterful control of the paint that really shows the skill level of its artist. Perfectly framed in silver wood frame that is decorated in such a way that it resembles the ropes that are tying the boats to the dock. Its composition leads your eyes through the painting with ease and will capture the attention of all viewers.
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