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Power of the Wise


I create everything from paintings, mixed media paintings, sculptures, to black and white photographs. I am sure that I will be constantly moving and changing my art on this website so please buy while you can. I welcome any support I can possibly get from new patrons, Thankyou!

Jared Carpenter
Power of the Wise
30 x 40 x 1  in
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This painting is a image of an elderly lady still viewed in black and white giving her an even more aged apperance. The rest of the abstracted objects and even body parts add to the concept that elderly people have more power than we can see within their wisdom. Even though people see the elderly as frail and weak this painting differs as it gives the elderly woman a bionic mind, the ability to harness light within the palm of her hand, and the ability to manipulate atoms as if they were her puppets.
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