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Make Me


I create everything from paintings, mixed media paintings, sculptures, to black and white photographs. I am sure that I will be constantly moving and changing my art on this website so please buy while you can. I welcome any support I can possibly get from new patrons, Thankyou!

Jared Carpenter
Make Me
18 x 24 in
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"Make Me" is a the first painting of a two painting series. The overall concept is how as a young person you have limited power over your own decision making. The boy sits and looks at the viewer as if daring you to make him move. He is wearing a baseball mit to symbolize the feeling of having to come in from playing and having fun to doing what your parents want you to do such as take a bath. I have painted a faucet with the water flowing right through the boy's ear sideways adding to the notion of the constant flow of parental control. This shows that even though the task is simple to a parent it is far from being realized by the boy himself. Defiance and attitude from this boy is like everyone else's attempt to become independent in their own actions.
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