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View Of A Nation


I create everything from paintings, mixed media paintings, sculptures, to black and white photographs. I am sure that I will be constantly moving and changing my art on this website so please buy while you can. I welcome any support I can possibly get from new patrons, Thankyou!

Jared Carpenter
View Of A Nation
40 x 30 x 1  in
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This is a view of a nation, it is a statement on America's unwanted control over third world contries. The man in the top hat is Thomas Jefferson, representing America and independence. He is roping a bunch of different looking people representing an uninterested third world public. They are not fooled by the bright doorway of opportunity that has fooled them in the past they are aware of the darkened city behind the white glove and doorway. This is a statement that I make about how America's view that every country needs to be another American state.
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