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Arjuna: facing the waves of battle


I have been playing with many different techniques, before moving to the states I liked to work with different water-based mediums in order to achieve more depth and strength to otherwise flat washed-out images , poly-grip and industrial PVA glue are fantastic for raising the surface of a painting

moray watson
Arjuna: facing the waves of battle
20 x 24 x 1  in
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This painting is based on the Bhagvada Gita and depicts the scene of battle just before Adjuna has his vision and conversation with God, he sees for the first time two imposing army's facing each other as the mist dawn passes over. It represent the imminent feeling of human horror as the chaos and destruction of battle is about to commence. As Adjuna looks on he struggle's with his own fears and doubts. This is one of 4
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