Dear Artists!

We have started a new educational program at MesArt. Through various vehicles such as workshops, seminars, interviews, newsletter and articles of interest as well as live and interactive teleconferencing, gain greater mastery in your professional development.

Upcoming Workshops:

Alternatives to the Gallery Scene-Locating New Markets

By Martha Zlatar, Art Business Consultant.

Workshop: September 15th
6.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Market Street Gallery Map

Mainstream art galleries are not the only way to sell you artwork. Actually most successful visual artists do not make most of their sales from galleries. Designed specifically for visual and spatial artists, this workshop will get you thinking outside of the gallery so you can find alternative spaces for your artwork. In this class you will learn:

  • Is the gallery system right for you?
  • Types of galleries: Non-profit vs Mainstream vs Edgy Cutting Edge
  • Your goals will define your venue (exposure vs sales)
  • Organizations in the city that take your art on tour (from hotels, to banks to building lobbies)
  • The world of licensing
  • Possible strategies for your art career

Workshop investment:
MesArt members: $20
Non-members: $25

As an Art Business Consultant, Ms. Zlatar advises emerging and mid-career visual artists and performers on reaching their artistic and financial goals. She coaches on time management, goal setting and marketing. Ms. Zlatar is also the founder of ArtMatch, an art business practice that supports professionals on becoming more creative and creatives on becoming more business savvy.

Ms. Zlatar also has 12 years experience in Market Research, International Business, Event Management and Art Business Consulting (New York City, Brussels and New Orleans). Her eclectic background brings a fresh and new perspective to the business world and the Arts Community. Ms. Zlatar is originally from Latin America, has a degree in Marketing, an MBA, is fluent in Spanish and French and is an avid photographer.

Alchemy of Creating Your Masterpiece

By Valeria Kumin and Milan Botica

This interactive and experientual workshop will give you greater clarity, purpose and a plan to take action immediately.

Worshop/Playshop: September 27th
6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Market Street Gallery Map

  • Dissolve negative emotions, attachemnts and beliefs
  • Reach your goals with optimal results
  • Create even more successful relationships in your life
  • Transform obsticles into opportunities
  • Sell your art without selling out
  • Designing win-win strategies

Register today and receive a complimentary interactive coaching session.
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Workshop investment:
MesArt members: $35
Non-members: $45

Valeria and Milan are committed and dedicated to helping people achieve and succeed based on their unique needs, desires and circumstances.

Over 14/(20) years of corporate sales, marketing, training and operational management experience and 15+ years in personal development speak to our ability, commitment and dedication to helping artists, individuals, families, professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations target and achieve optimal results.


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