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Mainstream art galleries are not the only way to sell you artwork. Actually most successful visual artists do not make most of their sales from galleries. Designed specifically for visual and spatial artists, this workshop will get you thinking outside of the gallery so you can find alternative spaces for your artwork.


September 15th
6.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Market Street Gallery Map
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"Designing Daily Doors of Opportunities..."

How to harness the power of "Intention" and transform daily routine(s) into magical moments of success.
Who is it for?
Why will this work for me?
How do I do it?

Because this is about what you want RIGHT NOW based on YOUR time, place and circumstances...NOW! Click to read more



September 27th
6.30 pm - 9.30 pm
Market Street Gallery
1554 Market Street, San Francisco Map
(Between Van Ness and Franklin)

This interactive and experiential workshop will give you greater clarity, purpose and a plan to take action immediately. What you can expect are practical and powerful tips, tools and solutions to help move you forward quickly and effectively, no matter where you are at now.

  • Create habits of positive, pro-active and aligned intentions integrating body, mind and artistic energy, expression & action
  • Dissolve negative emotions, attachments & beliefs
  • Create the mind set of a successful art master

Space is limited. The first 20 people who register receive a free "Spa for the Mind " CD. "Unleash your creative power.
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Integrating people, passion and profits below Gateway2Growth provides and offers the benefits of discovering:

  • How to unleash your creative power with purpose and clarity
  • How to reach your goals with optimal results
  • How to create even more successful relationships in your life
  • How to transform obstacles into opportunities
  • How to sell your art without selling out/designing win-win strategies

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We wish all of you happiness and success!